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The Attack Turret features an iconic World War II style anti-aircraft cannon manned by two Allied infantry troops. This buildable heavy-caliber cannon measures 5.8 L x 3.8 W x 2.4 H in inches, can rotate a full 360° degrees and move over 90° vertically. It comes with seven artillery shells, with which to recreate immortalized scenes of legendary soldiers reloading the cannon and firing at enemy aircraft. The Attack Turret includes two extremely poseable micro action figures and highly detailed, authentic interchangeable WWII accessories and weapons. For ages 10 and up. Features: Buildable anti-aircraft cannon 5.8" x 3.8" x 2.4" with rotating turret, four tripod legs and seven AA artillery shells Two super-poseable micro action figures Nine highly detailed, interchangeable accessories and weapons, including removable combat vests, ammo pouches, infantry backpack and more! 100 pieces

Call of Duty Call of Duty Attack Turret

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