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Sideshow and Medicom Toy are proud to present the Good Guys MAFEX collectible figure. From the movie Child's Play 2, the Good Guys MAFEX figure features movable eyes, 3 faces, and various iconic items such as baseball bat and rules. This action figure was sculpted by Masato Otsuki & PERFECT-STUDIO and comes with a movable figure stand. Photos and details have been released for the upcoming Child’s Play 2 – MAFEX Chucky Figure. The pics and info come courtesy of Tag Hobby. The figure will stand just over 5″ tall and is fully articulated. This would make the figure about an inch taller than the recent NECA Ultimate Figure releases, and a little shorter than the NECA Retro Mego Style Figure. The MAFEX Chucky includes fabric overalls, three interchangeable portraits, multiple interchangeable hands, a swap out blade hand, a yardstick, a hammer, and two knives.

Child's Play 2 Good Guy Chucky MAFEX Action Figure

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